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TRSCP Entry Level

TRSCP Entry-Level Certification Exam


As a professional certification program, the Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program® (TRSCP®) is intended to set the standard for professionals in this occupation by measuring certain basic knowledge, skills, and competencies that have been deemed appropriate for those employed in support staff roles within the towing and recovery industry. For the TRSCP Entry Level Certification Exam these roles include dispatchers, office managers, administrative staff, etc. While the TRSCP® was developed specifically for the towing and recovery industry, the program is open to all qualified candidates in other associated fields.


The TRSCP Entry Level Certification Exam covers four (4) major categories:

  • Customer Service
  • Pre-Incident
  • During an Incident
  • Post Incident

Not sure how to prepare for TRSCP® Entry Level certification? Firstly, we recommend that all support staff attempting TRSCP certification complete the National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training. Additionally, there is a study guide published by the Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc. (TRAA) on Amazon. Note, you are not required to do either of the above, but both preparation options are available to you if you want them.

This is a proctored online exam, which means we'll confirm it's actually you taking the exam and will make sure that you don't get any extra help to answer questions (e.g. by asking a co-worker or searching the internet).

Technical requirements:

  • Desktop computer
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Windows Vista (PC users) or OS X 10.5 (Mac users)
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari
  • Adobe Flash

Not sure if your computer meets the requirements? Click here to test your equipment:

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