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About Us

TOWCERT.COM IS WHERE THOSE IN THE TOWING AND RECOVERY INDUSTRY THAT KNOW THEIR STUFF COME TO PROVE IT. is an objective space for towing operators to become certified. This is where you come to show what you’ve learned and prove your metal. There isn’t only one way to learn or one path to follow on the journey to becoming an expert. Certification is your way of demonstrating your status as a professional in your field, no matter how you got here.

How it Works

Exams offered on are completely online and must be scheduled. They are also proctored, meaning they are legitimate and held to the same standards as any university exam or government issued license.

Available Exams

Currently, offers two certification tracks: one for towing operators and one for support staff (non-operators):

>> Towing & Recovery Operator Certification Program™ (TROCP™) Level 1- Light Duty, Level 2 – Medium/Heavy Duty, & Level 3 – Heavy Duty.

>> Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program® (TRSCP®) Entry Level and Advanced Level.

Additionally, TRIP exams for both Virginia and Georgia are available.

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